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Our company main goal is creation of a professional solution for you to manage your business with comfort and safety using Internet.

Whether you need a new system created from the scratch or require your current system to be adjusted or rebuilt we are here to help you. You just give us an idea of the final product and we will suggest you the solution that would meet your needs the most. You don't need to think about the implementation process itself, we will do that for you. If you wish, we will choose the technology, programming language and the system structure for your project and you will just need to approve that. The result we would like to achieve is close cooperation with you and a chance to become a working 'part' of your business.

Our customers and their needs are the main priority for us. We try to know each our customer 'in sight', realize his/her necessities and requirements and satisfy them. You will deal with the same people during all your projects and we dare to hope you will trust these people and will work hand in hand with them. We will be responsible for any your project from its beginning till the very end. If some additional changes are required we will do them for you without rebuilding the whole system.

In general the development process includes the following steps:
* you let us know your very requirements or an idea of the system;
* we analyze all available information and suggest you possible solution (or several ones);
* you approve the solution or choose one;
* our programmers fulfil the project (programming stage);
* testing phase - we test the project together with you to be sure it meets your needs and works in the way you wish;
* we put the system into the live environment;
* if required we support the project and address all your questions.

Please be sure you will get professional advice and help on any project stage. All necessary information about the project status will be available for you. You get the final software code and reports about additional changes done (implemented as diff files).

We pay great attention to the system security. Whether we build a new product or adjust your one, we make thorough analysis to make sure the final system is totally secure.

To discuss your project with us please submit a new ticket in your account and provide us with the necessary details. Also feel free to browse through our latest news.

We wish to make you enjoy your time while the system is working for you to make a profit.

Mailing address

Lesnaya 31 apt 7
Ul'yanovsk, 432011
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