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The are 2 types of orders in our system:

Pre-paid orders
* Pre-paid orders are used for custom development projects. The discussion of the project target and changes that need to be done within the project takes place before the payment. So such an order includes a detailed description of the work that will be done by our programmers (so called specification the result of our discussion with you). The modifications are started only after the payment is made.
* Pre-paid orders can be divided into a few payments by signing a special agreement during the project discussion. But this kind of split can be applied only if the project contains a few independent parts, which can be finished separately. Usually you can see the separate parts as different lines in the order on the pre-sale stage, each one has got it's own price.

So orders for custom development projects are usually pre-paid orders.

Post-paid orders
* This special type of orders is used for minor support changes that are fully clear for you and our staff or for the issues that demand immediate attention.
* We provide you with approximate estimation of the work required.
* We start working on the issue as soon as you agree with the price.
* The invoice with the exact final price is raised after the changes are complete and approved by you.
* One post-paid order may contain payments for a few minor service issues, so you can pay for several questions at once (for example once a week, when the total is large enough).

So post-paid orders are optimal for technical support issues .

Payment issues

  1. We work with 2Checkout only. 2Checkout.com, Inc. is an authorized retailer of ArsGate.
  2. We accept the following types of credit cards: VISA, Mastercard, American Express.
  3. We allow only the Euro payments. However you can pay with any currency you want on 2Checkout.
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