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X-Cart problem with pop-up detailed images (4.x version)

When you use the pop-up detailed images module (like the one in http://gemaffair.com store on product detail pages), you can face a well-known common problem with pop-up images. The images are not loaded for the first time in IE7, IE8 and some FF versions.

The problem solution is pretty simple, the “skin1/main/popup_image_js.js” file should be modified. You should find the following part of the code:

      function() {
        var m = this.href.match(/page=(\d+)/);
        if (m)
          this.idx = parseInt(m[1]);
        this.href = 'javascript:void(0);';
        this.onclick = o.change_img;
        this.onmouseover = o.img_over;
        this.onmouseout = o.img_out;
        this.imgNavigator = o;

and change the events in this way:

        $(this).bind('click', o.change_img);
        $(this).bind('onmouseover', o.img_over);
        $(this).bind('onmouseout', o.img_out);

It's rather strange that jquery “trigger” api was used, and “bind” wasn't.

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